Tri-State CART
County Animal Response Team

Mission and Vision

The CART Mission:

To coordinate, educate and train volunteers to prepare for and respond to any local, area, natural and manmade disasters in the 31 designated counties of the Cincinnati tri-state area .  When activated, we will provide temporary care and shelter for any impacted animals, thus reducing public health hazards and expediting the evacuation of animal owners.


The CART Vision:

To ensure that all animals are considered and cared for before, during and after any natural and manmade disaster in our area.

To accomplish this, a CART team will be formed in each tri-state county.  In a disaster the county team will respond when activated by the C ounty Emergency Manager (or other legal official.)  Members of the non-effected county CART teams can offer volunteers and supplies if needed to assist the affected county or counties.  The teams will also support each other with multi-team training events and information sharing.

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