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CART Mobile Response Vehicle

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How to help CART:

            Donations and Assistance

            Become a Team Member

            CART Needs


How to be prepared:

                 Tips for putting together your disaster plan

                 Checklist to assist with Multiple Animals

                 Tips for volunteers - what you need for deployment

How CART Operates:

            Disaster Overview
                    Our disaster preparation and response explained 
                    Prior to a disaster
                    When disaster strikes
                    On-going operations during the disaster
                    When the disaster is completed

            Jobs to be done by CART Volunteers
                    The many jobs/tasks that need to be done before, during and after a disaster.

          The Units that make up CART

          Team Leadership
                    Job descriptions
                    Overview/diagram of a team
                    Team captain
                    Team lieutenant
                    Animal sheltering and care unit leader
                    Animal rescue task force leader
                    Human resources unit leader
                    Logistics unit leader
                    Public information officer (PIO)

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