Become a Team Member

If you think you would want to help Tri-State CART if there is a local disaster involving animals, PLEASE join our team now!  We will first call upon our volunteers before we can accept any "walk-in" volunteers.  All walk-in volunteers will need to be trained and registered before they can help during a disaster.  Getting that done before a disaster will allow you to help us as quickly as possible.  We need volunteers for many different jobs, so even if you don't want to work directly with the animals, we still need you!


To become a CART volunteer:

1.   Complete the Application to become a CART volunteer.

2.   Read and sign the Code of Conduct and submit it with your Application.

3.   Read and sign the Volunteer Agreement and submit it with your Application.

4.   Submit your documentation to CART to

5.  Get Registered with Ohio Responds (online registration for liability coverage) .

6.   Take the online State Fire School Water Awareness course.  Go to their website then go to home page and sign up

7.  Take some of the online FEMA training courses within a year of becoming a CART member.  FEMA offers free training courses on-line available 24/7.  This training is federally required for all our volunteers so that we can continue to comply with Federal regulations.  Send certificates of course completion to  HINT: It is recommended that when you start a course, you first print the test questions and answer them as you go through the course. Then go through the test and enter your answers.

You'll need to complete IS-100, IS-200, IS-700 and IS-800.  The IS-10,  IS-11 and IS-111 courses are related to animals and are recommended but not required.  Team leaders and officers will also need to complete IS-10 and IS-11 and a hazmat course.  Go to the list of Independent Study courses offered by FEMA at

8.   Attend a training course presented by a national response agency such as American Humane or Red Rover.  Tri-State CART recommends these organization's two or three day training sessions.  For information go to

9. (Optional): Become a member of a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)  All Tri-State CART members MUST be prepared to get their own family and animals to safety before responding to help others and CERT will help you be prepared and trained to do that.

10. (Optional): Become a registered volunteer with the Tristate Medical Reserve Corps. You do not need to be a medical professional to join this group.  The orientation training is eye opening regarding the possible response to an outbreak or other medical disaster.  MRC members are offered vaccinations first if a disease outbreak is expected so that they may help others during the disaster.

11. (Optional): From time to time we will send out e-mails about other training opportunities around the Tri-state.  We encourage you to get as much training as possible Just remember to send a copy of any certificate of completion you get to our volunteer coordinator at so we may record it in your volunteer records.  This allows us to better assess which volunteer is best suited to which task during a disaster.

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