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Below are websites listed by topics which you may find interesting or helpful.

Disaster Response Training Programs and Information:

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)   and
http://training.fema.gov/ This site is LOADED with educational information. 
Plan to spend some time reading through all that this organization has to offer.  For information on the Independent Study program click here.

American Humane Association Offers information and courses on Animals in Disasters.  Also has nationwide and international disaster response teams.

American Red Cross Cincinnati This site offers excellent training courses for Pet First Aid as well as Disaster Response (although their disaster courses are for helping people, not animals)

American Red Cross Indiana Offers many of the services and programs as the Cincinnati chapter

United Animal Nations This organization has disaster response teams and information as well as courses.  This organization is now call Red Rover  http://RedRover.org/ 

Citizen Corps/ CERT This site has information about Community Emergency Response Teams.  CERT teams are geared toward people, but our local groups have been open to working with CART and recognize us as a major asset to the disaster response.

State Citizen Corps Point of Contact Click on Citizen Corps State POC list on the navigation list on the left-hand side of the screen.

Disaster News Network  DNN is a news service that tells the story of disaster response and suggests appropriate ways the public can help survivors.  It also facilitates information sharing among disaster responders.

AVMA disaster preparedness plan: VERY comprehensive guide to responding to disasters involving animals!

Gear for Disaster Responders:

Safety Central (Safety gear) This site has everything you can imagine needing for emergency preparedness and response.

The Preparedness Center (Preparation and response gear)

Disaster Preparedness and Preparation for Your Family:

Indiana Dept of Homeland Security This site has lots of disaster preparation info as well as training courses for emergency and disaster response.

Indiana Board of Animal Health

AVMA Care for Pets This is a comprehensive site for pet health and safety. It covers sanitation practices, first aid, poison control, safety measures when leaving home, diseases and seasonal health concerns, and safety tips for children around pets.

List of pet friendly hotels: http://www.dogfriendly.com/  or  http://www.petswelcome.com/ Good to know in advance where you can go with your pet if temporary shelter is needed.

American Association of Equine Practitioners Disaster preparedness for Equine Veterinarians and Equine owners

National Organization on Disabilities Emergency Preparedness Initiative for persons with service animals

Animal Welfare Information Center Federal Policies on Access for Service Animals

National Linbrary of Medicine MedlinePlus: Disaster Preparation and Recovery a service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health

Disaster Resistant Communities Group - Disaster training video library

- Disaster preparedness information for tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes and floods.  Sponsored by ADT.  How to prepare your family and your home for these potential events.

Animal Cruelty Groups:

Animal Legal Defense Fund -  Helps fight legal battles regarding cruelty, abuse and more.
Teaches new lawyers too.

Hooved Animal Humane Society Dedicated to the protection of hooved animals

-  Helps fight legal battles regarding cruelty, abuse and more. Teaches new lawyers too.

Volunteer Organizations Active in Disasters (VOAD) and Medical Reserve Corps (MRC):

National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NVOAD)

Indiana Voluntary Organizations Active In Disasters (INVOAD)

Ohio Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (OHVOAD)

Kentucky Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (KYVOAD)

Tristate Medical Reserve Corps - serving Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana

Office of the Civilian Volunteer Medical Reserve Corps

Animals Shelters and Pet Sitters

Find Animal Shelters near you: www.animalshelter.org/shelters Put in your zip code and find listings near you.

To find a list of pet shelters and rescues in your area click here

Clermont County Humane Society

PAWS of Dearborn County

Dearborn County Animal Shelter

SPCA of Cincinnati

Hamilton County Auditor Information on dog licenses and dog law information

How to track animals: http://www.ussartf.org/animal_tracking.htm

Fetch! Pet Care

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters

Pet Sitters International


Wildlife Rehabilitators, Specialty and Exotics

Second Chance Wildlife

Arrowhead Reptile Rescue

Authorized Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitators

Post Hurricane Katrina

To Learn More about what happened in New Orleans (Tylertown) click here.  This website takes you page by page through a very detailed explanation of how animals were rescued, processed and returned/adopted through the Tylertown facility.  Keep clicking on the hurricane icon to progress through the pages.

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