Go Kit

A check list of all the items that volunteer responders will need to keep ready in a bin or duffle bag, so they are ready to respond at any moment.  It is recommended that you keep this list on the inside of the kit so you can make sure you have all items before leaving the house.  Be sure to rotate meds and food on a regular basis!

Go Kit supply check list (Word doc)

The above link will take you to a list of recommended and optional supplies that will help sustain you during a disaster.  It also includes some supplies that will help care for the animals.  When you arrive at a disaster, you should be self-sufficient and not require the aid of others for your basic needs.

It is best if you keep your response kit packed and ready to go to minimize your response time.  However if you don't already have a kit ready and you need to evacuate your home here are some quick tips:

Shelter In Place (inside your own home)
     Water is not an issue - your hot water tank will provide clean safe drinking water
     Keep leashes on all doors leading to outside - you do not know which exit will be accessible
     If you have pets you already have a fresh supply of pet food - keep 2 wks food supply on hand
     Dedicate one cabinet for all pet food, bowls, 1st aid kit, medications, and grooming supplies
     Most families have comfort blankets to watch TV - grab and take with you to safe zone
     Know where your "go kit" is if you have one and refresh batteries Spring/Fall
     A weather radio, whistle, and flashlight are key items in case your home is damaged and    
     you are in it
     If your pet is not microchipped - use a permanent marker inside the ear where there is no
     hair, use a razor or nail polish on the fur/hair to make a unique sign/number for ID.  For
     livestock a can of spray paint or razor can make a quick brand and a permanent marker
     used inside the lip can be used to make a quick ID mark.
     Throw a towel over a cat or shy animal and then bundle to make it easier to put in a carrier
Special items to add to a pet disaster go kit include:
     Eye wash, hydrogen peroxide, tweezers, magnifying glass, extra medication, paint sticks


Gear for Disaster Responders:

Safety Central (Safety gear) This site has everything you can imagine needing for emergency preparedness and response.

The Preparedness Center (Preparation and response gear)

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